SA Grad Life Beginning with Acceptance

I should update this more

but I got a temporary full time job!

Hello, I am a Residence Hall Director!

Graduate in May!!!!!!!!!


In the midst

of a summer bridge program. This will wrap up at the end of July.

Starting August 1st I join the world of residence life as I start my last year internship.

What will happen next?!

Only time will tell.

My financial situation in grad school


Grad student life.

The Big Disconnect

The story of technology and loneliness. by Giles Slade

As turn to the 30th page I am having a stronger awareness of my dependency on the media and especially my cell phone. And I also notice the dependency of others I’ve been around. It’s interesting that we can’t sit through a movie or have a decent conversation over dinner with out our iPhones permanently attached to our side.

From what I’m reading, it has completely changed the way people interact. I picked this book up due to my interest to do my Master’s Thesis on college students and how technology has changed their interactions. Specifically with incoming freshman. I know before I attended college, I had probably about 20+ Facebook friends who were incoming or attending AMC students. I remember at orientation I didn’t speak to any of them. My anxiety was so high I barely spoke to any students unless I was forced through by frustrating icebreakers. I also continued to check my phone and text my high school friends about how uncomfortable I was. I will never forget the first icebreaker I did with the uncomfortable handshakes. When you first meet someone, you don’t expect to act as if their fingers are cow utters and milk them……

Was I that dependent on technology to strike up a conversation? Were my peers just as dependent?

My years through orientation, being a campus resident, and now going into the field of student affairs I’ve noticed the comfortable nature of students using social platforms to meet and get to know each other. As professionals, are we supposed to break those habits or get educated and work at a student’s level? It could be a difficult task because you lose the interaction component. Where is the overlap? 

I wonder if it is possible to do some sort of program where students must leave their cell phones at the door. I can only imagine how interactive students would be if they left their distractions elsewhere. I’m sure it would first initiate a level of anxiety that will distract them for some time. But I’d like to think that it would encourage engagement and discourage an idea of multitasking that your brain can’t handle.

It’s silly that while I write this, I turn to social media for some sort of response. Ironic, huh?

What an interesting semester

I can honestly say that I have been through a whirlwind of development.
Made wonderful connections professionally.
Learned better ways to handle conflict. Struggled with group projects. Struggled with personal things.
Quit two jobs. Got another for next year.
Don’t have a 4.0 and trying not to let that discourage me.

I feel very discouraged lately.

Hopefully this summer will be better.
Taking two classes so that I can go part time in the fall. Will be so much happier.

What Grad School is Really Like (Grad vs. Undergrad)


Happy Friday! It’s too true. 

(I love Buzzfeed. I’m going to make it my homepage).


So after working two part time jobs, being a full time graduate student, maintaining a social life,bi finished this semester with a 3.6, bringing my gpa to a 3.8.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

The Mighty A: Student Affairs Isn't a 'Real Job?'


I love my RA staff, I really do.

That being said, I have to vent for a moment. I am planning on making student affairs (more specifically, residence life) my career. This is a decision that I have come to after many hours of thinking, researching, and talking to people, and it was probably one…

In response to this…

I’m currently in a graduate program for higher education, and you literally have to bleed breathe cry and poop student affairs while you’re in school.

For someone who doesn’t have the drive to be there and is just there for a filler between “a real job” and undergrad will be weeded out with the dirty laundry while you’re laughing at them getting your masters degree.

Best of luck!

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It’s beginning to seem realistic and do-able.